Weekend ride Sunday 30th July 2017

31 Jul

Sunday 30th of July’s COMCC run to Mannum got off to a rather inauspicious start with only 3 participants turning up by the advertised starting time.  Whether it was the date (the last Sunday of the month rather than the usual first Sunday) or the threatening weather this was a rather disappointing turnout on a day, although cool, was by no means wet. In attendance were Charles Oliver (1967 Triumph T120R), Ed Lowrey (1978 Triumph T140E) and yours truly, Alan Kernich (1976 Triumph T140V). A trio of Triumphs. Also along was Wayne Williams in his KIA 4WD and 3 bike trailer, very fortuitously as it turned out.

Real motorcyclists ride Triumphs – a disappointing turn out for Alan Kernich’s debut ride as Club Captain.

Off we went at 10am but by the time we reached Lenswood (about 25km) the call came through that Charles’ bike had conked. Yes, I know what all the critics will say about British engineering, but in this case we can blame “On The Run” .  After studying the spark plugs (ghostly white), and checking the ignition, we discovered that the stuff in the tank not only had water in it but also had an unusually faint odour. Trailer to the fore! We then made a bee line to the Cudlee Creek Cafe by the shortest route.

After coffee and nibbles and chats to other bike enthusiasts, we decided to call the whole thing off and headed homeward. Not a famous ride but quite enjoyable none the less (except possibly for Charles).

Alan Kernich

Club Captain


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