Mopeds Plus – Sunday 3rd February 2019

12 Feb


Alan Wallis             1950     Tilbrook                 197cc          M/C

David Saint             1957      BMW                   250cc          M/C

Warren Duncan         2002     Honda                    250cc          M/C

Rob Smyth              1970    Motobecane                50cc        Moped

Ian Voysey              1947    Malvern Star              98cc        Autobyk

Joe Betschart            1972    Kreidler                   50cc          M/C 

Mick Hayes             2004    Suzuki                    400cc          M/C

Roger O”Loughlin      1988    Suzuki                    650cc          M/C 

Paul David              1953    BSA                      350cc          M/C

Chris Harris             1967   Yamaha                     75cc          M/C

Victor Polten            2015   MotoGuzzi                 850cc         M/C  

Kym Miller             1977   Yamaha                     500cc         M/C

The weather was hot with gusty winds and entrants who travelled down from the Adelaide area experienced uncomfortable conditions on the journey.

Warming up at the start

The morning ride got away at the appointed time departing Goolwa via the Bridge to Hindmarsh Island and riders were exposed immediately to severe hot winds giving tropical conditions inside the helmet. However, these conditions soon changed to small gusts of cool maritime air as we approached the Murray Mouth parking area. After a 15 min. break to view the dredging operations at the Mouth the riders left for the trip back to Goolwa, via a quick look at the developments at the Hindmarsh Island Marina.

On this leg the only real bike problem for the day occurred when the legendary Ian Voysey- Malvern Star came to a halt with a fuel problem. Someone commented that it was not a real problem, it was just that the bike stopped to look for the pieces that fell off on this run last year! The bike was loaded onto the trailer and taken back to Goolwa where it retired for the day. Several other riders who had afternoon commitments elsewhere, also retired at this time.      

Riders at Goolwa

 Over lunch the day temperature reduced for the afternoon run to North Goolwa, the Airport, and the Goolwa Barrage. There was little happening at the airport due to the strong south westerly wind, so after regrouping, the ride continued on to Middleton and then to the No.9 Beacon parking area adjacent to the Goolwa Barrage. At this stop David Saint noticed that oil escaping from a breather hole in the bevel gear housing of his BMW was coating the rear tyre, so as a precaution the bike was loaded on the backup trailer and retired.

BMW in disgrace

  Information was received as the run finished that some road closures were in place in the ranges North of Goolwa due to the outbreak of bush fires. Riders returning  back toward the city had to take appropriate detours, to avoid the Mount Compass area.        

   Thanks go to Roger O’Loughlin and Mick Hayes who marshalled the corners during the day and also to Wayne Williams for providing the backup vehicle, and of course for ”Tailend Charlie” Alan Wallis for controlling issues arising at the end of the line.   

Report by Warren Duncan.    

NEXT RUN: 26th Annual Moped Marathon – Sunday April 7th 2019
MEET: 9.00 for 9.30am start. Rear car park, Totness Inn — Mt. Pleasant.

RUN: Morning – Mt Pleasant/Williamstown/Springton/Angaston (lunch)
Afternoon –Angaston//Kyneton/Eden Valley/Springton/Mt. Pleasant.
distance Approx. 115 km.

REMEMBER: These runs cater for the slower rider, backup trailer always provided. Enquiries; Warren 8388 1770 or Alan 8295 5097


Southern Hills ride, Sun 27th Jan.

7 Feb

It seems that there was some uncertainty with a few members about the earlier start times for January and February. As it turned out a few turned up just as we were leaving – albeit about 10 minutes after the published 8:30 start time. Well done those whose subconscious clock was better than common sense. Please CHECK THE WEB PAGE for up to date info. There have been some changes for the next few months.

A total of 14 set off from Hazelwood Park just after 8:30; mostly Triumphs and BMWs as it turned out, including a quite special BMW K100 cafe racer. I was personally very pleased to be able to lead for the first time following a complete right knee replacement in November.

BMW K100 cafe racer

The ride was to be a jaunt around the southern hills and so we started up the usual Greenhill Road hills entry point and then tootled through Crafers and Upper Sturt and then, via a hairpin bend descending to Ironbank, Cherry Gardens and Clarendon. I still get lost around here sometimes, but not this day!

On to Bakers Gully Road and Chapel Hill Road and then Seaview Road and in to The Cottage Bakery for a morning coffee.

After a very pleasant break it was back in the saddle for a somewhat quicker ride. First down the main road to Willunga the up THE HILL. Left and left again on to the newly sealed Range Road. All the way to the end then down Wickhams Hill Road to the main McLaren Flat to Kangarilla Road. I hope you are all taking notes! Then a faster run through Kangarilla, Meadows and Paris Creek Road into Strathalbyn for lunch at the Bakery.

Bikes parked at Strathalbyn Railway Station

A few took some time to investigate the goods at Collectable Classic Cars nearby. In addition to the cars there is a collection of a dozen or so interesting bikes, including an electric right legged T160 Trident that took my eye. There was also a very nicely restored DKW. All the vehicles here are on sale for what seemed to me quite reasonable prices.

A member, whose name escapes me, met us here on his very original WLA Harley, complete with foot clutch, hand gear change and left hand twist grip ignition timing control!

After lunch most riders headed back to Meadows via one of our favourite tracks, Ashbourne Road and Bull Creek Road. From here as usual, ones and twos headed back to their own parts of the big smoke.

Thanks to Wayne for his Tail-End Charlie duties.

For me, an extremely enjoyable 200ks of fun and it was a beautifully mild day for mid summer.

Alan Kernich
Club Captain

Midweek Ride – Tuesday 15th January

15 Jan

Only 5 riders turned up today for the midweek ride which was a considerably shorter ride than normal (approx 180kms) due to the extreme heat. We stopped at the bakery in McLaren Flat and had a blast down Range Rd, Enterprise Rd, Nangkita Rd and Bull Creek Rd. Well done to the hardcore group who made the effort – your club is proud of you.

What’s killing road users in SA?

2 Jan

Take a look at these two graphics recently issued by the RAA. They detail what has caused road deaths in SA on both Metro and Rural roads.

SAPOL continue their purge on speeding motorists, particularly targeting motorcyclists in the Adelaide Hills. They are so desperate to maintain their revenue raising, that covert cameras are now common especially in and around Strathalbyn. Paris Creek, Macclesfield and Ashbourne Rds particularly come in for special attention. We are continually told that speed is the problem. The trouble is that their speed cameras are a cash cow that keeps on giving, so changing their mind is not likely to happen in the near future.

Looking at the above two graphics, speed does not seems to be the problem. Driver inattention, which includes everything from texting and talking on your mobile, to personal grooming and changing your music seems to be the main killer accounting for 185 deaths in total during the period 2013-17. According to an RAA spokesman, looking away from the road for just 3 seconds while you’re travelling at 60km/h means you travel 50 metres blind.

I’ve done a fair amount of riding in the Hills over the Christmas period and am shocked at the number of car drivers who are having difficulty keeping to their side of the road when a solid white line or double lines are running down the centre of the road. This is very common on the Greenhill Rd up track, which is the normal route I take to escape the city. This is also a common route for our club rides too. I’ve followed many cars up and down these roads, the vast majority are unable to keep to their side of the road and many ride their brakes all the way down the hills instead of selecting the correct gear.

Maybe the police should target driver behaviour on our roads – mobile phone usage (inattention) and hanging wheels on the wrong side of unbroken white lines (failing to keep left) being my recommendation. One day a motorcyclist is going to come a cropper with one of these careless car drivers. Meanwhile motorcyclists should take special care on these roads by NOT hugging the centre line on both left and right hand bends. Ensure that you are in the correct gear and that the bike does not run away causing you to ride the brakes particularly on downhill runs.


Classic Owners first ride of 2019

2 Jan

We had approx 20 riders for our first midweek ride of the year. Wietse led us a merry dance on country roads which most of us didn’t recognise. We stopped at McLaren Flat for morning tea, lost a couple of riders and then lunch at Middleton. Beautiful weather, but cooler on the coast. Total distance approx 296 kms.

Thanks to Wietse for leading and Wayne for tail-end charlie duties.

Interesting fact: After we had ascended Wickham Hill and while I was stopped half way up Range Rd, a police motorcyclist appeared and the following conversation took place:-

Police: Are you OK?

Me: Yes, I’m marshalling a club ride and am waiting for the others to catch up.

Police: Are you the lot who were stopped in McLaren Flat?

Me: Yes, that was us.

Police: Nice bike (nodding towards my Street Triple).

Me: Thanks, it goes alright too.

Police: Oh well, I’m going that way (points in opposite direction), so that’s OK then.

I took this to mean carry on, go as fast as you like and have some fun. So, I did.