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This page is designed to hold links for information of a non-commercial nature regarding motorcycles. Members are encouraged to forward URLs of any other useful sites which they might like to share to :- secretary@classicowners.org

bsa-logoAll manner of information  and discussions can be found at the BSA A7 & A10 forum and a useful section on Lucas Electric & Ignition Systems including magnetos. From the UK, see the A10 market price quide.

Also from a local South Australian the BSA Bantam Homepage and from the UK both The BSA Bantam Club and the BSA Owners Club.



Calling all air-heads, watch this 1 hour+ video of a BMW R90S built from scratch.

For all things BMW, try Brook Reams’ How To Photographs and for all other German bikes see Vintage German Motorcycles.





Rebuilding a Triumph twin? This bloke, from the North of England, does it all on camera – visit Lunmad’s shed. Essential for anyone with a T120/T140. He also goes through lots of other maintenance tasks on video.

For smaller Triumph twins, try this goldmine of information – Triumph 350cc & 500cc twins. This site has everything from 3T and 5T up to the  rare Tiger 90 plus the well known Tiger 100. Every thing to date a machine and all factory notes on machine updates and much, much more.

Also, Triumph engine & frame numbers and Classic British Motorcycles which includes lots of information on other British bikes too.

Parts manuals, technical tips and service manuals for Triumph, BSA & Norton.



Middle aged+ and wanting to know what bikes will suit? Will that Harley or Kawasaki retro really fit the bill? Many members will already be familiar with the doyen of mature riding, but for those who aren’t look no further than The Old Bloke. Masses of bike reviews from a mature perspective and he’s an Australian.

In a similar (maybe slightly younger) vein are the many YouTube motorcycle review videos made by the The Missenden Flyer.


Suzuki Badge


For Suzuki two-strokes, check out these Suzuki Manuals, plus a list of service bulletins. Also a website about All Suzuki motorcycles ever built.

Try this website dedicated to the Suzuki T20 ‘Super Six’ .



Here is a website offering information, pictures and links for the Suzuki T500/GT500 . These models plus others  in the T/GT range are featured in the The Classic Suzuki two-strokes Compendium. Also another site featuring Suzuki T500/GT500 resources.





If you’re restoring a Suzuki GT750, take a look at Gunnar’s GT750. It’s primarily about the GT750J model, but it gives links to other related sites. Also, try this link for restoring Old Japanese Bikes which also includes GT750s. Other ‘water bottle’ sites include The Kettle Club and this one, a Field Guide to the GT750. Also watch this handy video for GT750 torque settings.

This is the ultimate guide to a complete engine overhaul of the GT750  by Tore Grenasberg, an electronics engineer from Norway with a passion for motorbikes.

Marvel at a working model of a GT750 cutaway engine


mcycle clipart

An exhaustive list of Motorcycle Specifications for seemingly any make, any model and any year plus a link to Hundreds of manuals & parts lists for all sorts of bikes.



woman rocker

What motorcycles suit short women? I’ve heard this question a few times and never mind that one of my bikes is listed here. How about 10 best motorcycles for women? Or even this site – Motorcycles for short riders from a rider who is 5 foot 2 inches tall.

The dawn of the motor age in South Australia, was this SA’s first motorcycle?






There will never be a shortage of info on the 750-4. Try the Honda 750-4 Buyers Guide – more of a restoration guide really, a huge site with lots of useful info plus links to all kinds of other related stuff.   Find Honda 750 manuals, schematics and parts lists HERE. and even  more Honda 750 resources HERE.



Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV 71


This link has extensive resources for all Kawasaki Triples




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