Club Library

Did you know our club has over 900 items in the library? There are books, manuals, DVDs and, as a financial member, you can borrow these at any time. All library items are listed via the link below.

COMCC Library List

To help members find their way around the list…

The items are divided into 8 categories, 6 for books and 2 for audio visual.

Book categories:-

  • GE          general interest
  • HA          handbook
  • HI            history
  • MIS        miscellaneous
  • PA          parts book
  • WO        workshop manual

Within each book category the items are sorted alphabetically

Audio visual categories:

  • DVD       as it says
  • VID         VHS video tape

these are sorted numerically.

In all cases the category is reflected in part of the  Reference Number.

You can chat with Alan Kernich, our librarian, on 0429 093 821.