Mopeds Plus – The Charleston Challenge 4/12/22

18 Jan


David Saint                  Puch                            1966                250cc

Mick Hayes                 Suzuki                          2005               400cc

Kym Miller                 Yamaha                       1978                500cc

Paul David                   Matchless                  1940                350cc

Joe Betschart              C.Z.                               1950                150cc

Mark Bever                 Honda                          1974                72cc

Tony Earnshaw            Yamaha                       1972               125cc

Phil Baughan               Ariel                              1953              600cc

Roger O’Loughlin        Honda                          2013              125cc

Ian Voysey                   Malvern Star               1948               98cc

John Groschel              BMW                            1994               1000cc

Malcolm Downs          Norton Commando  1971                 750cc

Back up trailer Wayne Williams and assistant Alan Wallis.

When it was decided that a new end of year course was needed to replace the Coast Run, Warren Duncan spent considerable time selecting a course that did not coincide with any of the established Mopeds Plus courses.  When he was satisfied a committee comprising regular event marshals, Mick Hayes and Roger O’Loughlin, with Warren Duncan and Alan Wallis met at Charleston to survey the course and found that it satisfied requirements expected by Mopeds Plus participants.

The Charleston Hotel was very supportive and public areas behind the hotel proved a perfect spot to park and unload machines.  The owners were keen to cater for a group lunch and gave the choice of an air conditioned dining room or their outside dining area.  We chose the dining room which they set up for the 14 who indicated their intention on the registration sheet.   Service was excellent and diners appeared well satisfied with the meals.

We did not stop for a morning tea break but had a comfort stop at a toilet block park on the outskirts of Nairn.  The course according to Roger O’Loughlin’s trip meter was 72 kilometres and took approximately one and three quarters of an hour including the toilet stop.

The roads Warren chose were all well maintained and remarkably generally devoid of traffic and in spite of some very steep sections there was no call to use the trailer.  The two smallest capacity machines were Mark Bever’s 72cc Honda and Ian Voysey’s 98cc auto cycle which both met the challenge although Ian was seen giving a short burst of pedal assistance on one particularly steep rise.

Unfortunately Warren was too ill to attend this event and as previously reported both he and Alan Wallis have now resigned as Coordinators.  Fortunately two club members came forward after the November general meeting and volunteered to take over beginning with the Targa Hindmarsh on February 5th 2023.   As there is no general meeting in December the endorsement of a new coordinator team will  have to take place at the January meeting.

Alan Wallis O.A.M. Life Member.

NEXT RUN:   Targa Hindmarsh  5th. Feb. 2023

MEET: for 10.30 start.

START:  At the old Goolwa Caravan Park site by the river on Liverpool Road.

RUN:   a.m. Goolwa to Hindmarsh Island and back to Goolwa for Lunch (approx 30km.)

                p.m. Goolwa north, Goolwa Airport, Goolwa Barrage return to Goolwa (approx 30 km.)

REMEMBER :  These runs cater for the slower rider, a backup trailer is always provided.