Mopeds Plus : The 29th Moped Marathon, 3rd April 2022

25 Apr


G Christie 1987 Ducati 750cc, David Saint 1978 Triumph 750cc, Mick Hayes 2016 Suzuki 400cc, Tony Earnshaw 1972 Yamaha 125cc, Ian Voysey 1948 Malvern Star 98cc, L Peno 2019  Honda 500cc, Mark Beyer 2010 Honda 105cc, Mika Beyer 2014 Honda 109cc, Roger O’Loughlin 1988 Suzuki 650cc, Robert Smyth 1924  AJS 350cc, Adrian How 2004 BMW 1200cc & Graham Riley  1960  Vespa 125cc.

Ride Report 

It is of interest to note the content of last year’s marathon report was critical of the efforts of some participants to present on time for the start. By comparison participants in this year’s event in the main were on time but confused about a variation in the advice from some origins about whether departure was 9.30 am or 10.30 am. A departure at 9.30am had been advised from some sources, while 10.30 am had been favoured by others on the grounds that the start location at Mount Pleasant is a significant journey for participants who originate their journey from South of Adelaide. This year’s Marathon started promptly at 10.30am.  

The run leader carefully controlled the length of the morning tea and lunch breaks to affect a base return at Mount Pleasant with time to have a pleasant afternoon tea session (of sufficient duration to resolve all of the issues of the day!) With this year’s experience to hand, it is suggested that planning for future Marathons should clearly state and advise a 10.30 am departure.

The actual journey to Angaston and return took place in perfect autumn weather and there were no problems with the participating machines. Adrian How and company elected to leave the run at Angaston to return via an alternative route.

Run Support Staff for this Event

Run Leader – Roger O’Loughlin

Corner Marshalls – Mick Hayes, Tony Earnshaw, Graham Riley

Tail-end Charlie and Rescue Vehicle – Alan Wallis, Warren Duncan

This year’s ride originated from Laurels Bakery in the main street at Mount Pleasant. The change was selected because the former location, the Totness Inn, which we have used for several years has been sold and will be completely renovated before re-opening. Options for further use of a venue at this location remain open but it would appear from comments from participants at the Marathon this year that the Bakery option is well suited to our future requirements.

Even with the disadvantage of a total loss of electricity supply for 6 hrs on the morning of our visit, the bakery was able to support our needs. Off street parking for bikes, cars and trailers is particularly more convenient than offered at the hotel.  

Warren Duncan, Mopeds Plus Coordinator.

NEXT RUN:-Strathalbyn run- Sunday  June 5th 2022

               Meet-10.00 for 10.30am start @Goodyear Tyre Depot, Rankine St. Strathalbyn

              Run– am/ Strath-Milang- Clayton Bay-Finniss (lunch)

                         pm/ Milang-Langhorne Creek-Strathalbyn

REMEMBER:  These events cater for the slower rider, backup trailer always provided.

Enquiries:  Warren Duncan 0417882625 or Alan Wallis 82955097