FOMSA Day 2 – COMCC Murray Lands ride

3 Oct

It was beautiful warm, sunny day, a perfect day for a ride. At 10 o’clock we set off, for Mount Pleasant, with Tony Mitchell, our Club Captain leading, followed closely by the preselected corner marshals, all wearing purple Hi Vis vests, followed by a goodly number of riders from other clubs, as well as COMCC members. I counted 35 bikes, at the start, ranging from the most modern to old veterans.

            Monday being a public holiday the traffic was light, and the column made good time straight up North East Road to Inglewood, where a stop to gather stranglers was planned. The police got there before us and had set up a breathalyzer station at our planed stop! Our first two riders were tested and thankfully the rest were waved through. We proceeded up N.E Road, through Gumeracha and Birdwood, to Mount Pleasant. A small hitch here turned out a blessing, both bakery’s were open and the riders split their patronage making service quicker.


We set off for Murray Bridge, a little before Midday. Turning right onto the Angas Valley Rd. Once down the hill our speed picked up and those able to maintained a steady 110 kph, a right turn onto Ridley Rd. and then onto Mannum Rd, turning left at Caloote Rd, which took us through the old and picturesque settlement area of Mypolonga. Tony’s planed ride was upended by a series of road works which forced us onto roads few have travelled before.  With masterful navigation Tony, lead us back onto the main Murray Bridge Rd. and to the Stuart Reserve on the river front where the Murray Bridge Lyons Club served a BBQ lunch. It had gradually warmed up during the ride and all were happy to get out of their riding gear and cool off.

            During the lunch break several of our company headed off to find their own way home, while some of us walked round examining the bikes and discussing the advantages and drawbacks of the parked machines, and swapping stories of our experiences with other bikes.

            It was close to 2pm when we headed up the Old Murray Bridge Rd through Kanmantoo and Nairne to Littlehampton our final stop.

            It was a very enjoyable ride well planned and flawlessly organised, with our leaders smoothly recovering from the unavoidable minor setbacks. The Classic Owners MCC has every right to be pleased with their organisation of the day.


Allan Vaisham

Honda CB500T