Midweek Ride, 1st May 2024

6 May

It was a cold and overcast Wednesday morning at Hawthorn Crescent, 19 bikes turn up for
the ride, including Miranda Howson on a Suzuki Boulevard, and Learner plates. Lyndoch for our
morning stop and Angaston for lunch, was the decided route for the ride. With Tony, our Captain leading, we set out. Half way up the hill on Greenhill Rd, we ran into mist, not heavy but sufficient to wet the roads and settle on our visors. Winding our way to Swamp Rd, Lobethal Rd, a turn at the Cold Store, past Cudlee Creek, Chain of Ponds, to Williamstown and Lyndoch, and our morning stop.

As always our stops are one of the most enjoyable aspect of our rides, in good company we solved the worlds problems and told many stories.

We set out for Angaston, via Rosedale Rd, and Gomersal Rd turning right onto Stuart Highway, which we then followed, except for a ride through Greenock, all the way to Truro, where Tony called a much needed Pit Stop. After this we turned right for Moculta, Angaston and lunch at the Sunrise Bakery, where we sat in the courtyard like lizards, absorbing the warm sunlight.

The ride started to break up after lunch with some turning for Tanunda, the rest for Birdwood, where again we split some going to Gumeracha, others to Mount Torrens all headed for home.

Another very enjoyable ride some twisty roads and also open roads, all of it fun!
Congratulations to Miranda, who kept up all the way to Truro, where she and Mark turned
for home, and to Tony for leading us on another great ride!

Next Ride: Tuesday 21st May
Allan Vaisham
Honda CB500T