Mopeds Plus run report – Targa Hindmarsh, Sunday 6th February 2022

11 Feb

The morning ride got underway at about 10.30 am in pleasant weather conditions and tracked the usual route down the residential area at the Northern shore of the island before turning inland to the main track to the observation point for the Murray Mouth. Some riders took on light refreshments, coffee etc. at the kiosk prior to departure for the return journey. On the way back to Goolwa we took a look at marina-property developments on the Southern side of the island where $1million + permanent homes border the streets that we travelled.  On then to Goolwa and a one hour lunch break.

 After lunch riders followed our Targa Hindmarsh tour of North Goolwa exiting on to Adelaide Road adjacent to the Steam-Ranger depot. Goolwa Airport was the next scheduled stop but when we arrived there were no activities to view.  After a quick discussion with the troops it was agreed that we should proceed without delay to the Goolwa Barrage where some of the riders had shown enthusiasm to walk out on the weir and view the seals waiting for a fish meal from the waters cascading from the gates.

 En- route to the barrage however there was a short pause at Middleton to farewell Sharon (V-Moto Scooter) and Graham Riley (Indian), who left the ride at this point.

 At the barrage, most of the riders took the long hot walk out to the lock on the barrage to see the seals. On their return the group decided that continuing to the No.19 Beacon beyond the barrage, part of our original itinerary, was not worthwhile at that stage. The well recalled “Goolwa Afternoon Northwind” and a temperature in the high thirties had arrived and it was time to return to the start and prepare for the journey home.

Thanks go to the support staff for their help throughout the day. All the followers were put to the test by the actions of the ride leader who, affected  by fatigue (and possibly early brain fade) took the wrong corner right at the end of day. A short period of mayhem occurred but was easily resolved.    


  • Warren Duncan 2002 Honda 250cc          
  • Ian Voysey 1948 Malvern Star 98cc
  • Roger O’Loughlin 1988 Suzuki 650cc 
  • Tony Earnshaw 1972 Yamaha 125cc
  • Rob Smyth 1924 AJS 350cc
  • Peter Arriola 1957 James 147cc        
  • Graham Riley 1948 Indian 1200cc                 
  • Sharon Cooper 2013 V-Moto 50cc        
  • Mick Hayes 2005 Suzuki 400c         
  • Trevor Veitch 1969 Triumph 650cc        

Run Support Staff

  • Run Leader – Warren Duncan
  • Tail-End Charlie – Roger O’Loughlin
  • Corner Marshalls – Mick Hayes & Tony Earnshaw

Alan Wallis, our long time Tail End Charlie and Co- organiser, attended aided by Paul David, who kindly provided Alan an opportunity to observe the morning activities from the comfort of his car.

NEXT RUN:  29th Annual Moped Marathon – Sunday April 3rd 2022

MEET:           9.00 for 9.30am start. 

RUN: Due to a number of changes that have occurred since the last Marathon, it may be necessary to consider alternative locations for the start/finish this year. Enquiries will take place to resolve this issue and members should watch the club website or attend the next general meeting for the result of this research.  Alternatively, members can always seek details from the Moped information telephone numbers provided here.

REMEMBER: These runs cater for the slower rider, backup trailer always provided.

Enquiries; Warren 0417882625 -Alan 8295 5097