Morning ride in the Adelaide Hills – Sunday 29th January 2017

29 Jan

A dozen riders were congregated at Hazelwood Park eager to get started before the day got too hot.  The ride’s scheduled start was an hour earlier than usual in anticipation. Two riders brought out their air-cooled historic bikes, three were riding 80s wannabees (soon-to-bees?)  and the rest of us were on an assortment of modern machinery. Kim’s trophy winning TT500 was probably the pick of the bunch. In attendance were:


Gary Priest 1971 Honda CB750
Kim Miller 1977 Yamaha TT500
Charles Oliver 2015 Triumph 675
David Saint Yamaha FZ6R
Don Jennings Suzuki Bandit 1250
Rosco 2008 Honda Blackbird  1100
Gail Yates 2011 Harley Dynaglide 1800
Roger O’Loughlin 1984 Suzuki GR650
Eric Clapham 1982 Honda CX500
Tony Mitchell 1987 Honda XBR500
Graham Riley Yamaha V-twin 900
Wayne Williams 2008 Yamaha V-twin XVS650


Heading up the track, we turned left at Woods Hill Rd, through Ashton then a right at Pound Rd and Burdett Rd eventually joining up with Lobethal Rd just before Camelot Castle.  Pulling over at the junction, I learnt that the Harley went down on the turn into Pound Rd. Thankfully the rider was unscathed and minimal damage to the bike was sustained.

We continued along Lobethal Rd then turned left at Coldstore Rd, Lenswood eventually joining Cudlee Creek Rd and onto the Cudlee Creek cafe where Babette’s feast beckoned. Mein hostess didn’t disappoint resplendent in animal print and purveyor of arguably the finest egg & bacon roll in the hills. As we prepared to saddle up, Gary demonstrated his method for keeping cool when he removed a sopping wet quilted vest from a plastic bag, wrung it out and then donned said vest under his webbed motorcycle jacket for the remainder of the ride.

Leaving the cafe we took Gorge Rd, turned right at Tippet Rd and headed towards Kersbrook. Before which, we turned right at Checker Hill Rd through Forreston and then a right turn onto the Springton Rd just before Williamstown. At Springton a couple of riders refuelled and we stopped again shortly afterwards in Mt Pleasant where a couple of other riders called in to stock up with pasties at the bakery.

Continuing left towards Tungkillo, we rode through Mt Torrens and into Lobethal were the ride dispersed after a final stop at the Amberlight cafe around 12:30pm. Before departing, Gail took out her summer jacket which was a super light webbed affair with armour at the elbow and shoulders; she also had a wet quilted vest underneath. I tried on the vest and can imagine that it would be very effective under a webbed jacket until it dries out, however long that takes.

We all agreed that the early start was vindicated considering the heat and everyone was happy to have half the day to do whatever it is that people do when they’re not riding motorbikes. Sorry, there were no photographs taken during the ride.

Our next run is on Sunday March 5th, which is the Sunday following the February general meeting, when we will head to Mannum meeting at 9:30 for a 10am start at Civic Park, North East Rd opp. the shopping centre in Modbury. All makes and years of bikes welcome.

Charles Oliver, Club Captain.