Mopeds Plus : Strathalbyn Sunday 4th June

29 Jun

The annual Strathalbyn to Clayton Bay run starting from the tyre depot in Rankine Street was uncharacteristic, in as much that it was not raining and the weather was mild and sunny.  An added bonus for riders on the smaller machines was there were no strong winds.

Unfortunately our normal leader Warren Duncan was struck down with a malady a few days before and was advised not to attempt a motorcycle ride under any conditions, so Roger O’Loughlin agreed to accept the task and lead the fourteen riders on machines ranging from 50cc to 1698cc.

While machines were being unloaded prior to the start a green hardtop M.G.B GT drove into the parking area and out stepped a well rugged up Warren Duncan who had found enough voice to brief the riders on proceedings before driving back home to resume his convalescence.

The first stop was Milang for morning tea and then to Clayton via the road to Finniss for lunch at the Sails, Clayton Bay where an area had already been set aside for the Club by the owners. There was even live entertainment with a pleasant female singer whose talent attracted Roger, who is always on the lookout for such acts to embellish the country shows he is involved with. The return trip was via Langhorne Creek. Just prior to departure disaster was avoided when Rob Smyth’s Motobecane developed a severe carbuncle on the front tyre. Timely application of a Duct Tape bandage repaired the damage fit for the return journey.

The oldest machine was a 1947 Excelsior auto bike with the motor completely restored by recent new member Ian Roddie. It never missed a beat and being initially designed to transport midwives around the streets of British cities it travelled at a steady speed of between 28 to 32 kph for the 107 kilometre journey.

Charlie Brown and Robert Freeman (Senior) crewed the reassuring back up car and trailer without incident until about 300 metres from Rankine Street on return when the auto bike gave a loud bang and puff of smoke, a sign of a fouled spark plug or lack of fuel, so rather than find the fault it was loaded on the trailer to complete the trip.

Participants :- Graham Riley 1956 Vespa scooter 125 cc, Alan Martin 2006 Vespa scooter 250cc, Ian Roddie 1947 Excelsior Autocycle 98cc, Robert Snell 2014 Harley Davidson 1698cc, Paul Knapp 1967 Honda 125cc, Roger O’Loughlin 1988 Suzuki 650cc, Peter Arrioli 1957 James 150cc, David Saint 1966 Puch 250cc, Tony Metchell 1987 Honda 500cc, Rob Smyth 1970 Motobecane 50cc, Joe Betschart 2012 Moto Guzzi 750cc, Don Jennings 1982 B.M.W. 1000cc, Kevin Miller 1978 Yamaha 500cc, Alan Wallis 1950 Tilbrook 197cc.

The next run is the Williamstown Wander with the start/finish adjacent the Williamstown oval at 10am for a 10.30am start. For enquiries contact either Warren Duncan 8388 1770 or Alan Wallis 8295 5097.

Written by Warren Duncan.

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