Mopeds Plus Run Report –  Sunday 7th February 2021

21 Feb


  • Alan Wallis             1950 Tilbrook          197cc          
  • Warren Duncan    2002 Honda             250cc          
  • Ian Voysey             1947  Motobecane   49cc             
  • Roger O’Loughlin 1988  Suzuki              650cc           
  • Paul David              1953 Ambassador    197cc          
  • Tony Earnshaw      1972 Yamaha            125cc           
  • Don Jennings         1977 BMW                1000cc          
  • Lyn Jennings          2005 Yamaha          250cc         
  • Adrian How            2004 BMW              1200cc         
  • Peter Arriola           1957 James               147cc         
  • Rob Smyth              1927 AJS                   350cc 
  • David Saint             1957 BMW               250cc

           Most of the 12 starters for this years Targa Hindmarsh experienced a few nuisance drops of rain as they made their way South to the Pines area adjacent to the Goolwa Channel at Goolwa. Once the ride got underway the conditions eased and improved during the day to provide pleasant riding conditions.

The initial leg of the journey took us to the Murray Mouth viewing area via the north shore residential area of Hindmarsh Island and was trouble free, however, for the departure from this point Ian Voyseys’s  Motobecane moped refused to start and was placed on the rescue trailer, destined to take no further part in the day’s proceedings.

    The return journey took a new route tracking through a fairly recently developed area of attractive residential and holiday houses, many of which have private water frontages which provide canal access to the main Goolwa Channel.

After the lunch break the group departed the pines area again to take a loop around North Goolwa and then past the Goolwa Steam Ranger Railway Depot and out to the Goolwa Airport. Even with the calm conditions at that time there was only one aircraft movement during our visit. However as usual motorcyclists seem to enjoy time for discussions on a variety of issues to fill the time before our departure to Middleton, Goolwa town and down to No.19 Beacon boat ramp on the salt water side of the Goolwa Barrage. Then followed the last run for the day back through Goolwa township to the pines area to finish the day.

As usual we are grateful for the help of good marshals. For this ride Roger O’Loughlin, Don Jennings, and Tony Earnshaw were successful in keeping the group under control! Wayne Williams manned the rescue service for the day, so many thanks Wayne for spending the day with us and providing your help.

Lastly, we have to record the most pleasant occurrence of the day was the attendance and participation in this event by Moped Coordinator, Alan Wallis. Aside from the other issues relating to Moped operations Alan brings to each outing a quite immaculate example of a motorcycle manufactured in SA more than 70 years ago. Alan can also claim that he built this particular bike himself. The Red Tilbrook  never fails to attract interest at ”Moped activities”.

Most people will remember year 2020 as a period we would not like to repeat. Alan would agree. Towards the end of the year Alan found further misfortune in the form of a mishap (not motorcycle related) resulting in a fractured leg. After a significant hospital confinement and recovery period, he was determined to continue his long term role in Moped Plus activities as Tail End Charlie. There was considerable concern that his recovery would not be complete in time for him to participate in this event. For many years he has demonstrated the expertise needed to ensure that minor problems are fixed promptly and efficiently, and major failures get safely loaded up on the rescue trailer, so the run continuity is not affected.

On the day of this ride his efforts were rewarded. Alan transported his bike on its trailer to attend Targa Goolwa, rode his bike as Tail End Charlie, and then drove back home. On good authority, it is understood that he did not unload the bike until the next day.

From the Mopeds Plus Group – Thank you  – ALAN

NEXT RUN:  28th Annual Moped Marathon – Sunday April 11th 2021

MEET:           9.00 for 9.30am start. 

RUN: Due to a number of changes that have occurred since the last Marathon,

it may be necessary to consider alternative locations for the start/finish this year.

Enquiries will take place to resolve this issue and members should watch the club website

or attend the next general meeting for the result of this research.  Alternatively, members can

always seek details from the Moped information telephone numbers provided here.

REMEMBER: These runs cater for the slower rider, backup trailer always provided.

Enquiries; Warren 0417882625 -Alan 8295 5097