Mopeds Plus Marathon, Sunday 11th April 2021

9 May


Alan Wallis 1950 Tilbrook 197cc  
Graham Riley/Sharon 1956 Vespa 125cc  
G Christie 1987 Ducati 750cc  
David Saint 1966 Puch 250cc  
Mick Hayes 2016 Suzuki 650cc  
Warren Duncan 2002 Honda 250cc  
Tony Earnshaw 1972 Yamaha 125cc  
Joe Betschart 1956 MZ 500cc  
Paul David 1950 Ambassador 197cc  
Pud Freeman 2013 Honda  125cc  


The departure of this ride was adversely affected by some very familiar delaying influences prior to the start. Scheduled departure was advertised for 9.00am assembly to achieve a ride start at 9.30 am. Every effort is made to keep these events as informal , relaxing activities giving participants a break from the often high pressures of our weekday chores. However, if we incorporate a few things in the days program, these events often involve agreed timing to suit other parties, and we therefore need to try and maintain appropriate timing throughout the day. Hence there is a need to be reasonably accurate with timing of departure at the start, at “coffee” breaks, lunch, and in the case of this particular run, the return to the hotel for afternoon refreshments.

At the scheduled departure time of this event there was a registered participant missing from the start site, other intending riders just arriving and yet to be registered, and other riders on site but no where near ready to go. As a result the important pre-ride briefing- was very brief! Riders departed just after 10am. Your Moped Coordinators would appreciate it if in future, riders can consider this issue.

It is understood that unexpected delays can occur. We will always wait if there is a problem or leave someone on station to guide you to the pelleton. The two mobile phone numbers at the start of this report are always available under such circumstances.

After a “Marathon start”, the ride ran down to Williamstown where a brief break for a cuppa took place. From there the fairly hilly ride to Springton and then on to Angaston was most pleasant. Good fortune gave us no engines less than 125cc in the fleet and we ran 10 Km/hr. faster than our normal cruise speed. By the time we reached Angaston our earlier delayed schedule was practically recovered.

 Departing after lunch riders wound their way out to Kyneton and then down the attractive gumtree ride to EdenValley and through Springton to Mount Pleasant. At Springton we took a 10min pause at the Herbig tree to read a little of the saga of that family who established their first home inside the hollowed tree. This small delay adjusted our arrival at the Totness Inn Angaston to the scheduled time.

As previously arranged the Inn served a very nice “afternoon tea” sponsored by the COMCC, to finish off our day. On this particular outing it is opportune to direct special thanks to Wayne Williams for his services on this day. Wayne normally provides his car and trailer to all Moped events, but in this instance there were no breakdowns. When this occurs Wayne however makes a special effort to provide any help needed for participating riders – there made be a need for storage for helmets, riding gear, paperwork and other items during breaks and these are attended to and completed without question. Wayne is continually active with these issues – a service appreciated by all of us.

Many thanks also to the marshalls for the day Mick Hayes,Tony Earnshaw, Graham Riley,and Tail End Charlie Alan Wallis for keeping an eye out for stragglers.

Prior to the run advice was received that Roger O’Loughlin, always  a regular at moped events, could not be with us due to family matters. We look forward to his return.

In late news after the vent, we understand that Graham Riley put on a spectacular performance at the entrance of his driveway on arrival after the run. Apparently, and we trust  the front wheel of the scooter lost traction on some moisture and Graham and pillion rider Sharon were unloaded. Early news says no serious injury reported so far and we trust that they will both recover soon. The scooter received fairly significant damage.

Warren Duncan, Mopeds Plus Coordinator.        

NEXT RUN:  Strathalbyn run -Sunday June 6th 2021

MEET:  10.00 for 10.30a.m. start @Goodyear Tyre Depot Rankine St. Strathalbyn

RUN:  Strathalbyn/Milang/ Clayton Bay /Finniss (Lunch)- p.m. Milang/Langhorne’s

Creek / Strathalbyn.

 Remember: These runs cater for the slower rider, backup trailer always provided.

Enquiries; Warren 0417882625    Alan 8295 5097