Midweek Ride 6th September

11 Sep

            Wednesday 6th was bright and sunny for our bi-weekly ride, it even tried to be warm! 15 machines including two sidecars were ready to set off at 10am. I was appointed leader for the day’s ride and suggested Wistow, for morning break and Milang for lunch, a few riders felt Milan was longer than they wished to sit in the saddle, but were happy to ride to Wistow.

            It was my intention not to go on very twisty roads to keep the sidecars contented. I failed!

We went straight up Greenhill Rd to Uraidla, where we turned left heading for Lobethal at the Cold Store, we turned right onto Tiers Rd and onto Woodside. I had not realised how twisty the roads were. On a solo you just lean into the corner and enjoy it with out thinking, the sidecar “drivers?” have to wrestle there machines through the corners. Sorry guys!

            At Woodside, we turned onto the Nairn Rd and followed it into Nairn where we turned right onto Summit Rd over the Freeway, right to Spriggs Rd, left on Bald Hill Rd, left on Hartmann Rd onto Peach Rd and Wistow.

            With the warm weather and relaxing sunshine we spend a little longer talking over our coffee and it was a little after midday that I suggested we continue our ride, there was a distinct “Do we have to?” from the riders.

            Eight of us went on towards Milang, the others turned for home. We went straight down the hill on the Wellington Rd through Woodchester, turning left on the Meechi Rd to Langhorne Creek. Everywhere you looked the paddocks were golden with Canola blossoms. We followed the Langhorne Creek Rd to Lake Plains Rd and on to Milang Bakery for lunch.

            We had an enjoyable lunch swapping stories of rides and motorcycles. When it was time to head for home we all voted for taking in Bull Creek Road on our way to Meadows. We set out for Strathalbyn via Nine Mile Rd, through Strathalbyn took the Ashbourne Rd, over the hill to Ashbourne and Bull Creek Rd and on to Meadows, where we split up, with some of us heading to Mylor, and some to Clarendon.

A great ride aided friendly weather. I clocked up a moderate 124 miles, or 200km.


Allan (CB450) Vaisham


Next weekday ride on Tuesday 19th September.