Midweek Ride, 3rd April 2024

6 Apr

Only six bikes turned up at Hawthorn Crescent, can’t blame riders for staying home, it was
grey drizzly and cold for this time of year. Four riders indicated they would drop out after the
morning stop, the remaining two were happy to go along with that, so Mount Pleasant was
nominated for our first stop. As a change form Greenhill Rd, we took Gorge Rd, one rider turned
back with fuel problems. That left five. We turned off Kersbrook Rd to Checker Hill Rd then left on Forreston Rd. At the junction with Warren Rd, another rider turned for home, that left four. The four held a brief council and decided Birdwood Bakery would be warm and comfortable.

A pleasant coffee break indoors, then another rider turned for home leaving three. The three took the most direct road through Woodside and Balhannah, another rider turned off at the Hahndorf, Bridgewater roundabout. Two followed the Freeway through the tunnel and split up at the Tollgate.

An interesting and fun ride, when one thought about it at home with a cuppa in hand.

Next ride: To Balaklava Sunday 7th April.