Joe (Graeme Murray) Frost RIP

21 Nov

It is with great sadness I advise that ex COMCC member Joe (Graeme Murray) Frost passed away yesterday the 18th November at Lyell McEwin Hospital aged 88yrs. Joe was a close colleague of mine for many years,

A keen motorcyclist and for a considerable period he was club photographer . That was back in the days where every club event was recorded in pictures which built up in piles of albums over the years. Initially Joe used his own camera and later on he was provided with both camera and film by the club. Joe was a true bushy, grew up on a property near Yongala, worked on KI, and returned to Adelaide to educate his  children.  He will be missed.

Warren Duncan.

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  1. Graeme (Big Joe) Frost joined our Club on 18th October 1993. Warren’s comments re “Joe being a bushy are correct, as he was born in Peterborough. His nick name was not a misnomer, as Graeme was physically a tall/big person, with a larger than life personality. “Joe” enjoyed his outings on the many club runs he participated in, as I recall on a BMW and a Kawasaki.” Joe” was Club Photographer from 1997/98 to 2002/03. during which time he captured many images of various other Club members. Although Graeme was not an active member in his later years, he will be sorely missed by those who enjoyed his company in the years he participated in Club functions.

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