Changes to Historic Registration

6 Jun

If you haven’t already heard, there have been welcome changes to regulations regarding Historic Registration. As from 1st July 2017, owners of historically registered bikes will no longer have to submit annual Statutory Declarations to the Registrar for their machines and there will now be a rolling 30 year rule for eligibility to the scheme. Take a look under Membership – Historic Registration menu on this site for full details. I look forward to seeing more 80s bikes on our roads.

This log book day, members will no longer have to provide a JP signed Statutory Declaration. Great news for our machine registrars, log book day administrators and our members! For more information contact Bob Finnie 0411 687 666 or at the next club meeting.

This announcement along with the recently adopted rules allowing lane splitting in stationary and slow moving traffic have given motorcyclists in SA a reason to celebrate. Well, that is with the exception of the ever decreasing speed limits and continued covert camera scrutiny in the Adelaide Hills, but that’s another story.