Asbestos regulations hit bike imports

5 Oct

Those intending to import classic bikes (or cars) from overseas will now be subjected to increased scrutiny by the Australian Border Force. Would be importers now face further restrictions and will need to sign a declaration that the vehicle is asbestos-free. Under the changes, importers can be fined thousands of dollars if a motorcycle is spot-checked and found to contain asbestos.

Individuals face fines up to $180,000 or three times the value of the bike (whichever is greater) and companies up to $900,000 if asbestos is found to be present. Recent motorcycle imports including Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc. have tested positive to these tests.

People importing the vehicle must show proof that the bike doesn’t contain any asbestos. If proof cannot be shown, the bike will be held at the port until testing is finalised.

Representatives from Antique Motorcycles and Classic Style say, so far, they have had no issues, but it’s a different story with some classic car importers who have ceased shipping until there’s some certainty surrounding the issue with one importer paying $14,000 to get a couple of Ford Mustangs checked out. Brakes and clutches are obvious targets, but checks have been extended to engine seals, head gaskets and exhausts.

Think again if you believe all brake shoes are asbestos free, not long ago I purchased a set of EMGO front brake shoes only to find that they contain asbestos. You have been warned.