COVID-19 virus and club activities

23 Mar

With continuing updates to Federal and State Government announcements regarding the COVID-19 virus changing from day to day, it’s worth giving our members an update as to the state of play regarding club activities:

  • ALL club meetings have been cancelled until further notice. This includes Committee meetings, General and FOM 2020 meetings. Recently, the West Croydon & Kilkenny RSL club have closed their doors, so NO activities are allowed on their premises.
  • The 2 Day Classic Burra weekend on the 18/19th April, although not yet cancelled, is in serious danger of being derailed. All enquiries should be directed to Martin Blindell on 0413 058 600 or email on
  • Weekend and Midweek rides, although not yet cancelled, members should be aware of the situation. It’s now likely that coffee shops, bakeries and other food outlets will be closed. Members should be aware that government social-distancing guidelines apply and riders should be asking themselves whether they really should be attending these rides given the risks involved. Obviously, the club cannot stop groups of riders congregating and arranging to go out for a ride together, particularly as there is very little else on offer in the form of entertainment.

Please be aware that we are in an unprecedented situation and that the rules will change from day to day. We hope to keep you informed of any changes, as they occur.